Lost Stories: Kate

If you’ve watched Lost, you’ve gotta love Kate! Kate is 100% THAT BITCH, (even when she’s crying crazy.)

At first, when the plane crashes our Kate is Jack’s girl Friday! (For those of you who haven’t seen Lost, Jack is kinda the star of the show. ) At least in the first season. He’s a cross between a Dr. McDreamy and McGyver. He makes a hypodermic needle out of a prick of a sea urchin. I know. Ridiculous. Lost rides the suspension of disbelief factor a little too hard, even for Lost. That boat? That they built? In less than two months? With no power tools? Yeah no. Just no.

Anyway, Jack is this sort of this Everyman hero. From the first episode, he shows up as this amazing doctor who, in the insane chaos of a plane wreck figures out how to save…well damn near everybody.

And Kate, makes it her mission to help Jack, in any and every way that she can.

There are times when she puts putting herself at risk. There was the time she argued with Jack to be able to carry a pack of highly explosive dynamite on her back. She won that argument (cause Locke). Kate carried the dynamite and Jack didn’t have to.

And honestly, it was smart not to put Jack at risk, cause he was the doctor. Not only that, he’s the star, so no, you can’t be blowing Jack up in the first season. So Kate comes to the rescue, with the dynamite on her back!

Kate is 100% that bitch! With a death wish though, cause she’s always signing up for stuff like this.

Obviously, some thing is up with Kate…nobody just volunteers to carry dynamite on their back…unless…they’re trying to work something out.

Kate’s 3D baggage, is like a lot of 3D baggage. She feels like she’s done something unforgivable…so she’s seeking redemption and/or self-destruction.

She doesn’t seem to care which comes first. What she really wants is an end to the restlessness and the pain she feels inside.

A lot of people in 3D feel this. Kate’s journey is going to be a long one. She keeps looking for redemption outside of herself; and she’s not going to find it there, no matter how many packs of dynamite she carries, or holes she tries to dig Jack (or Sawyer) out of.

Did I mention that Kate’s in a love triangle? Oh trust. It gets messy on this island. The love triangle that Kate is a part of is mildly self-destructive, but you’ll just have to watch Lost to see how that plays out.

Kate and Sawyer have this whole twin flame thing going on. Twin flames can be destructive because they are so much a like. They have so much in common, like the same destructive tendencies, the same obstacles to overcome; and while this causes them to want to help one another, can cause them to also sabotage each other, and hold one another back. They feel like they are in competition.

Jack is the love Kate wishes she could have, but feels herself unworthy of. (Another 3D mindfuck).

Forgiveness is a super important 3D buster, because forgiveness is the only way that Kate is going to find her way out of the deep 3D mindfuck that judging oneself harshly put you in.

I know what you’re thinking.

“Hey! Kate killed a man! And she thought about it! It was premeditated murder!”

“And…not only that! She got another man killed! This one she loved! She got him killed running away from the responsibility of the first crime she committed! Murder!”

Oh hell yeah. Kate’s got some serious 3D baggage! And…like 3D baggage does, it haunts her (quite literally, it’s just how things go on this island.)

We all have our 3D baggage to contend with; and like Kate, most of us have the first impulse to run from it.

I have been there…and done that.

The problem is, when you decide to run from the 3D baggage, it chases you! You’re never going to be able stop running. Eventually you will keel over from exhaustion. You get tired of running. That’s what happened to me, (and I write all about in my book, The Way Through, Lessons Learned in Life, Love and the Journey, check me out on Amazon!)

It’s also what happened to Kate. We all have to face our demons…and on the island on Lost, your demons will manifest on full 3D form and chase you!

Kate’s demon first comes in the form of a black horse. The horse is striking really, jet black, and following Kate all over the island.

Kate chases the horse…and yet she seems to fear the horse; all the while she thinks she’s going crazy because there shouldn’t be a jet black horse on the island! If there were, wouldn’t someone else have seen it? No one else does, so Kate begins to question her sanity.

Then her twin flame Sawyer goes down. The whole thing with Kate and Sawyer is complicated! They are both carrying the same 3D baggage, but in different ways.

As Sawyer says to Kate, “You run, I con.”

Sawyer appears to be a sleazy conman, who cares for no one but himself. That’s not really true, and Kate is the only one who gets him. She gets that Sawyer presents himself as a sleazy conman whom no one should like or trust, because much like Kate, Sawyer believes he done something unforgivable. Therefore, he needs to be hated.

In his 3D mind, he’s making it right. Not only does Sawyer refuse to forgive himself for his crimes, he won’t let anyone forgive him either.

Except maybe Kate…cause she gets him.

But let’s get back to Kate! This is about her, and the 3D baggage she needs to clear. She’s going crazy in this island! She can’t sleep! She keeps seeing this black horse!

Jack…who seems to be falling in love with Kate (I mean a man who takes off in the middle of the night in the jungle to rescue someone, is trying to make that someone his boo.) when Jack went after Kate (who was fuckin around with shady, switchy, flaky Locke, trying to blow open that hatch), it was obvious that Jack wanted to make Kate his boo!

But this scared Kate. A good guy like Jack? Wanted to be with her? Of course she had to run the other way. So she goes to Sawyer…understandably. He’s been shot, and is in a really bad way.

Kate and Sawyer are kinda sort of friends. The love to hate each other, and hate to love each other. They know exactly who the other one is…and neither one knows how to deal with that mirror.

But while he’s hurt, Kate decides to nurse Sawyer back to health.

This is where things get sticky…Jack is the island doctor, so of course he’s the main person taking care of Sawyer. Kate’s just providing the back up. While Jack is caring for a feverish Sawyer, Sawyer, in a rare moment of truth (cause he’s not fully conscious) admits to Jack that he loves Kate.

Well…this pisses Jack the hell off! Cause even though he hasn’t made it official Kate is Jack’s boo! And he doesn’t want to compete with Sawyer for her affection. But now, he realizes he has to! And while he knows how Sawyer feels about Kate, Jack really isn’t clear on what Kate feels about Sawyer. Jack’s confused and a little hesitant to leave Kate alone with Sawyer, but what can he do? He’s a busy man trying to instill some kind of sanity on this crazy ass island!

So Jack leaves Kate alone with the semi-conscious Sawyer, who suddenly regains full consciousness, and begins choking Kate, while yelling:

“Why did you kill me? Why? Why?”

The first time you see this, you’re totally confused! First of all, as far as the Lost viewing audience goes, Kate didn’t try to kill Sawyer! We know Kate killed someone but we don’t know who.

In typical Lost fashion, Lost cuts to a commercial break, right as Sawyer is choking Kate. When we return back to Sawyer, we see him on the ground, (he was lying in a bed), with Jack standing over him, baffled, because he thought he left Sawyer in good hands with Kate.

Jack picks Sawyer up and puts him back in the bed (I assume, Lost doesn’t really show this). In the next scene, Kate is running through the jungle being chased by an angry black horse. She runs into Jack, who’s all like:

“WTF, Kate! I left you to take care of Sawyer! I come back to him lying on the ground! What the hell!”

At this point Kate starts crying to Jack that she’s losing her mind. And then…she kisses him!

Which would be totally cool if Kate was carrying all this 3D baggage that keeps her separated from Jack…but she is!

So as soon as she kisses Jack, she freaks out and runs away. Jack is pissed. She ends up back with Sawyer.

Sawyer is back (seemingly unconscious) on the bed. Kate starts talking to him. She says something to the effect of:

“I had to kill you Wayne! I just had to! It wasn’t because of everything you stole from me? It wasn’t because you beat my mama either! It was because of what you did to me! Because of what you did to me I could stand the sight of you and I couldn’t stand myself! And now even when I look at someone like Sawyer, I look at him and I see you, and it just ruin everything!”

Whoa! Lost viewers get a 3D bomb dropped on them with this confession. Slowly we’re beginning to get the pieces of what in the hell happened to Kate that would make her wanna kill someone.

The never expressly say. But you know what I think? I think Kate killed Wayne (her stepfather) because he was helping himself to her underage cookies. (And here we go with the sicko pedo 3D programming, sadly that highly destructive 3D virus is running rampant everywhere. How about Bill Gates discover a vaccine for that?)

Anyway, I digress. Sawyer somehow miraculously gains consciousness, and asks Kate:

“Who in the hell is Wayne?”

Kate’s too stunned you answer. But that’s all it takes for her to begin to clear her 3D baggage. She was carrying a hell of a burden, all alone, but now, she’s sharing it with Sawyer.

One point for team Sawyer…he might get the girl after all, even though he’s an obnoxious con man.

Somehow Kate and Sawyer end up back in the jungle (yes this guy is recovering from a gun shot wound, but just go with it!) While in the jungle, they both run into Kate’s haunting horse. Sawyer sees it, and asks Kate if she sees it. She nods yes. She is relieved that she has a partner who will help her confront her demons.

Sawyer asks Kate, if she knows the horse. Kate walks up to the while responding yes. She pets the horse, and the symbolism is clear.

She’s beginning to forgive her stepfather for molesting her. The stepfather (represented by the black horse) has made peace with her murder of him.

Sawyer helped Kate get through all of it, as she helped him to confront similar demons, in almost the exact same way.

(Sawyer’s demons came for him in the form of a boar.)

Everyone in 3D is carrying some kind of baggage, that makes them, crazy, afraid, ashamed, and just generally unable to love and forgive themselves.

But the task is always to love and forgive oneself. It is a long way back to self love and forgiveness, but eventually both Kate and Sawyer find it.

And then…the show has to end cause they are no longer lost!

Working with the Light!

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