Lots of people of all races and genders are killed by the police…it’s not necessarily about race, though race is a factor, but clearly police managed not to kill OJ Simpson, Dr. Dre and Mike Tyson even though all three were engaged in incredibly reckless driving activity. Why is that? I think Mike Tyson crashed into a police car while under the influence and was subsequently asked, jokingly, by police: “who does that?”

Well apparently Mike Tyson, with relative impunity. But my point is — clearly this is not just about race — but class and money and power and how law enforcement in this country has been rife with the abuse of power for quite some time now.

It’s an abuse of power when police kill some homeless black kid or white kid for kicks


It’s an abuse of power when police slap Mike Tyson on the hand for crashing into them.

But we can’t have that discussion, because see then we might really have to do something about it. So yeah, were just going to make this a black thing, so we can keep people divided and conquered and never, ever focus on the real problems or solutions.

That’s mainstream media intent…and the divide d parties have fallen for it. Many Black lives do not matter, nor do most Native ones or Latinx ones or poor ones, or old ones, or young ones or female ones — and why don’t we just admit that all life does not matter — and really talk about the kinds of conditions that exist when life does not matter. Oh no. Can’t do that, cause them we might actually change some things, get some where…never that.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!