Love these points you are making. We are a nation of people in pain, and now it has become a contest of whose pain is the worst. It’s all pretty bad. I think we should all agree on that and figure out how can we make it better for everyone. We are all in the same boat. Turning on one another does what, exactly? It doesn’t solve any problems.

Rural white America is experiencing unprecedented tragedy and misery through poverty via huge economic shifts as well as heroine and meth epidemics, just like urban black America experienced the same with the crack epidemic over twenty years ago. I do have deep compassion for these communities, because I know how painful the losses are, have been and will be. But I also wonder, at what point, if ever, do we recognize the real cause of these problems? Unchecked greed and corruption raining down from very, very high levels. How is Trump going to solve any of those problems considering that he is a huge part of them, and stands to profit, greatly, from the continuation of these kinds of problems? No one can answer these questions, when I raise them. Trump critics don’t expect Trump to solve any problems, but some Trump supporters seem to have a blind faith in Trump,that he is some sort of magician who will magically solve these problems. Others know he can’t, but simply hated the idea of Hillary as president so much, they see Trump’s victory as preferable. No matter what the costs or consequences of it, which may be, quite honestly, dire. They will be dire for both those who elected him and those who didn’t.

So (I’m finding) some people have empathy for Trump supporters, but many feel deep, unrelenting anger and resentment because they feel like they have been betrayed, thrown under the bus, for a sort of self interest that isn’t even going to be realized. America is not going to be made great again, except for Trump and all associated with his corporations in big ways. Days before the election Trump Tower employees were protesting the DC Trump Hotel grand opening, because they can’t command a living wage. What in the world does rural white America imagine Trump is going to do for them? If his own employees don’t rate, why should any of them? Most of the employees at the protest were white, incidentally.

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