Love this…well not this in fact, but the way you said it. It’s so true. Pathetically seduced to the dark side, cause you know there are lots of ways, sexily, greedily, deceptively, but in the case of Trump and his disciples, I would say pathetically sums it right on up. I would add that he’s not just tearing up infected souls, but also just about everything he can get a hold of, geez is this guy destructive! I mean it’s worse than I thought. (And I thought it was going to be pretty bad.) But for the amount of time he had had at the helm, he has done quite a bit of damage. Didn’t expect him to be all like, “you gtfo, and you! And you! And you! Random brown person!” Don’t wanna leave? You’re a citizen, you say? Well that’s cool. We will just kill ya instead! That’s right.

Police and ICE, just go hog wild on a killing spree! Yeah I’m here now, it’s cool. We’re gonna MAGA!

Cause bombs!

Bombs! We got bombs and I’m gonna use em, here and here and here! Bombing stuff is fun! MAGA!

He is destroying so fast, no one can even keep up, meanwhile the pathetically seduced got nothing coming. No healthcare, no affordable housing, no tax breaks, nah. What a pathetic seduction indeed.

Working with the Light!