Loved the linked article! It sought to answer a question I’ve been asking all my life — why! Such a hassle, such a tremendous inconvenience — what purpose does it serve? Looks like some bizarre evolutionary one.

Jhaigi Bhai…sigh. Yeah I’m sure what exactly he or she is trying to convey, but whatever it is they do so by making vast generalities and using far to simplistic terms. I doubt she is actually a woman, and I say this because she sounds a lot like an Imhotep. I doubt you know what a Imhoptep is because I can see by the way you spell civilised you are In the U.K.

But here in America an Imhotep is a particular type of black man, usually Nation of Islam affiliated — and Mainstream America identifies Nation of Islam as a cult or hate group. My personal opinion is that the group has evolved in a certain way, due to certain evolutionary pressures. But they’re pretty fringe, like the Mormons.

Anyway, Imhoteps make all those same arguments that Jhai does. Feminism has undermined the natural order of things, women belong at home where they are revered for their domestic work, men have always been so loving and supportive, how treacherous women are to turn against them. Women, have fallen for the devil’s bait with feminism.

Well…he/she changes this up a bit, so she sounds as if she is a woman, but the fact that she’s using that same Imhoptep rhetorical style makes me skeptical. Imhoptep’s hate feminism — and they consider themselves such masterminds at manipulating human thought, one would probably get such a kick out of pretending to be a woman speaking out about the ills of feminism.

I don’t know if that’s what going on, but you never know who you’re interacting with on these sites. There are a lot of people who devote a lot of time and energy to crafting just the right sort of anti-feminists rhetoric, it’s a thing now.

I honestly wonder what that is about? Feminism was largely a concept that no one paid much attention to at all, and suddenly so many are outraged by it. This is what I chock it up to, people are irritable and angry everywhere. And why wouldn’t they be, the planet is dying. I guess feminism is as good a scapegoat as anything else. But yeah, truly this is a very bizarre time in human history.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!