Loved the pic of Healer Trump. Okay here’s what I think it means. I think it means that none of us ARE the characters we play on TV, not even Trump.

So we know him as a ridiculous, infantile, orange dictator who is destroying the world…but that’s not who he really is. He’s an eternal soul who’s lived many lives, as we all have probably and in one of them, maybe he was this awesome healer. Maybe it was healing for you to see him in that role, because it released you from the harsh confines of this experience where he definitely is not. Or maybe he is. If you look at all the sides to every experience, you can see different things. Maybe Trump is a healer. He is definitely an exposer. He is exposing all the evil, darkness, corruption, injustice, violence and insanity in this world. Don’t we need to see it, if we hope to heal it? Maybe he’s doing us all a favor. We have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Working with the Light!