Man…double dose of straight truth — no chaser. You’ve been in a mood lately.

When you say it like this, neo-conservatives sound like high level demons…and I wonder how exactly does neo-conservatism cozy up so closely with evangelical Christianity?

Cause everyone knows Jesus was all for mounds of child corpses. I think I read that in the gospel of Luke…blessed be the nation that piles up bodies of dead children.

Please take note fundamentalist (any fundamentalist cause it ain’t just the Christians who get it all twisted) this is sarcasm. God will never, ever, EVER exalt in the deaths of innocent children and you &$@$ing assholes know it!

The hypocrisy is sickening. And when you call people on it, it’s all crickets, crickets…they got nothing to say.

But seriously, I want to know how any of these so called religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam can stomach all the blood they collectively have in their hands?

And…don’t get me started on the Hindus.

I am well aware that their are good and decent people in all of these religions, but if they really want their religious beliefs to have any credibility- they need to get the demons out of the church, or temple Or mosque or ashram. Get them out.

Working with the Light!