Man…quite a rant! Mostly true, like I said to Steve McGrath, you do have a different perspective on feminism that makes me consider that you do have a point.

But the ideas here, man! You can go big, big, BIG picture. Okay, so just globally on a global level we’re fucked! (And I think you’re right about all of it.) But most people’s minds aren’t big enough to consider the entire global picture- that the threat is really being evoked and provoked globally.

But honestly the Charlottesville media coverage is freaking ridiculous, when you consider the Standing Rock got none, even though tat protest went on much longer and had a crazy amount of state violence against the protestors — (And Charlottesville did not.)

I say all that to say this, you are absolutely right in the grand scheme of destructive things, Charlottesville is barely a blip on the radar.

And Charlottesville may well be a CIA psyop to mess with Trump.

Whatever, it is, it’s effective, though. (I’ll give them that, people are plenty shook up all over the political scale.)

You have some many huge ideas here, I’d like to examine them all, but right now they’re just too big!

Maybe, I’ll circulate back to some of them, later. But really, you kinda of blew my mind! I’m going to take some time to consider all this.

Working with the Light!

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