Man…you been going super hard these past couple days. Pushing buttons like crazy. And I ain’t mad atcha. I’m pissed about Philando too…and all the others.

Anyway, watch your back. I had some weird psycho troll stalking me, just because of my commentary on Let them Fucking Die, so I can’t imagine how hard they must be coming for you.

So…just be safe. A lot of these young white supremacists are truly unhinged, saying and doing things that are bizarre beyond recognition— to my old head.

I don’t really have any answers, except don’t engage them. And no please don’t troll anyone’s memorial page, as there are some levels to which no one should stoop, and that is one of them. We are human beings. Not subhuman monsters who lack compassion or souls.

As for those trolls who do? (Yes I am well aware that they are everywhere) We certainly don’t want to spend any time or space or life, with something so unevolved and base. Don’t vibrate at that frequency. It is not worth the price of admission.

Working with the Light!

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