Massive logical leap…in a country built on slaves backs. It’s a massive leap, to infer that a country, built by enslaving and brutally terrorizing black people, for centuries has a huge investment in institution racism?

That’s a massive leap? Yeah if you are illiterate, it absolutely is. If you’ve never opened a history book it absolutely is.

But if you are a reader, It’s a massive illogical leap that there is no institution racism in a country that has that institution racism embedded deeply in its founding documents as well as in its founding discourse.

It’s a massive illogical leap, to act as though this history doesn’t matter.

It’s a massive illogical leap to ignore how that history proceeded to evolve that embedded institution racism that began with slavery and transformed into the outright war on black Americans seen today.

It’s pure fantasy. But I can see you have your little bubble, likely constructed by Fox News, or worse. Research indeed. You mean research like this:

I have done this research extensively. From slavery being written into the constitution, to the revolts, to post civil war reconstruction, to be he Civil Rights movement of the 60s to the Black Lives Matter movement right now.

Tons of research. That is not the issue. There are entire libraries and museums documenting America’s institutional racism.

What is at issue, is every Tom, Dick and Ryan with their Fox News diplomas, insisting that they know anything about racism, institutional or otherwise. You know nothing. Certainly not enough to comment on any of it. Just stop.

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