Maybe…but I actually think that people are moving on. I know I am. I’m not knee-jerk reacting to every crazy Trump tweet, and that’s my point. If I’m completely losing interest (and I am) in all things Trump, I bet others are as well. In which case, he’s going to have a bit of a problem, if he is a one trick pony. I don’t think that he is, however.

What he is is unpredictable and destabilizing, this may force us, as a country to really have to seriously defend ourselves from foreign threats, as well as internal ones. Opportunists on both sides are going to find their opportunities with this administration, no doubt.

As for liberal ideology, it is as fractured as conservative ideology is, which is to say people are breaking down into all these extreme and militant factions on both sides -which leads to people in both parties having less and less in common with one another. There are all different types of liberals and all different types of conservatives- and what holds these groups together diminishes more and more daily.

As a people, we have to stop focusing so much on these ideological battles and start to seriously focus on what matters, food, water, shelter, safety in our communities. That’s where my head is at anyway.

Working with the Light!

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