Maybe not, but whatever the fuck it is, it’s very problematic.

Are you from Portland? Are you listening to the mainstream media lies and spin, or what boots in the ground have to say about it?

The people of Portland are saying their city is fine. They don’t need help. They had the situation under control. They say the drama is all in two blocks within a city that spans miles of course. They say depictions of their city are hysterical and ridiculous, and just because Fox News wants the Feds in their city, it doesn’t mean that they do.

Police need help though. They do need back up and some good PR. This was probably an attempt to generate both.

Police Unions sent out the call to Trump…please help. They’re running scared, as they should be. They are the Klan. And now plenty of people are hip to their shit. They are running for cover, and trying to spin who and what they are into something positive. People ain’t buying it. They are and have been ridiculously racist. They DO NOT want any police reforms…and resist it viciously. (I know of what I speak, ive worked with this demographic, they are big into sexual harassment too.)

They have been fighting against equality reforms for decades. They get ever more sophisticated in this fight…so now this bit of political theater. It is working in cases of people like you. But it’s not working on everyone, certainly not me.

I’m not going to lie and pretend like I personally know what’s going on in Portland, but having observed the degradation of so many of our civil rights, under several presidential administrations, starting in 2001 with the Patriot Act…this is some very disturbing, slippery slope shit. Don’t send Feds into a city a “Democratic City” like that makes the people of that city the enemy. That is Trump’s message. He is protecting “OUR PEOPLE.” Which people are those exactly? White people? Republicans? It is certainly not all Americans in the city, as they all are. Illegals do not risk getting snatched up by ICE in political protests…and yet ICE is snatching people up in Portland. It is some Gestappo shit…and ICE is on some Gestappo shit, and has been for the past 4 years! This I know from boots in the ground in my own community. They snatch people up with no regard for human life, or even their actual legal status. They have snatched up more than a few legal Americans. Of course they are largely nonwhite, so this probably doesn’t matter much to you, does it?

It’s not martial law YET. But it’s something the city does not want. It is force when there are clearly other measures that can and should be taken. It has created more problems than it has solved…now more protestors…more entrenchment. This is stupid, stupid, stupid.

Working with the Light!

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