Maybe not, but you assume, far too generously, that any of these Pubs or Dems give a damn about Federal election laws, and would seek to prosecute Trump on that bases. Has Trump broken the law? What about Trump Jr.?

Countless times I am sure, but breaking the law hardly matters when you can buy your reasonable doubt or preponderance of the evidence. They’ve probably bought them both so many times, they have a distorted view of jurisprudence. They don’t even realize that they have to present solid facts for lawyers to argue with. They believe that they can make lies the truth. Therefore, they truly think that they can get away with anything! And I do mean ANYTHING!

Murdering new born babies in broad daylight? Cool. He’s got millions who are willing to spin “alternative facts” and tell us all why this is totally copastetic. I bet Steve McGrath could make the argument, and a good one. Go for it Steve.

So, clearly I realize Steve’s argument is a stretch, and completely ignores actual law, but the best lawyers do this. And, Steve would make a great lawyer for the Trump administration. Too bad for him that they hate competence, especially in lawyers. All the lawyers are telling Trump to shut the f@ck up!!!!!! Great advice. But Trump fails to take it…it’s an Icarus sort of hubris, and he is faltering.

But whether Trump has actually done anything illegal, is beyond the point; and if you expect anyone in the establishment to care anything about that you will be disappointed. Pubs only care about excusing whatever crime Trump commits; and Dems only care about using his crimes to their advantage. Comes Back to bite though…they do all the same things.

Now Pubs are whining about Hillary doing some Ukraine shadiness. Whatever. Yeah, I’m sure she did it, but we talking bout Trump now. Hillary ain’t even in office. What she did is no longer relevant. She lost and only the saddest and sorriest mfers are still harping on her. Need to revel in Hillary Clinton corruption to try and make Trump palatable? It’s like saying, “Yes I have AIDs (Trump) but its better than cancer (Hillary).”

It’s a real dumb argument, but legions make it nonetheless.

Enough about Hillary. People have already completely forgotten about her. Pubs fail to grasp that they can’t use her as a scape forever. But, They sure are determined to try. What else have they got? Nothing. They sure as hell cannot rely on Trump’s integrity to weather all this Russia craziness.

Deep state is kicking Trump’s ass right about now. And I would have told Trump, deep state ain’t nothing to f@ck with, but he wouldn’t have listened. I knew he was in trouble when he Twitter dissed the CIA and the FBI…I was all like, Trump! Come on really?

Knew it would come back to bite him! And stealth like too…critical leaks, the endless drip to the anti-Trump media, even Fox is turning on Trump.

Trump has picked a fight with the world’s strongest man…and, he is taking some losses, right now. He better chill, before they JFK his ass.

I am actually concerned for Trump and co. They need lawyers and good ones. I would highly recommend Steve. I honestly don’t want Trump to fail, because his back up (Pence, then Ryan) would be so much worse.

Why won’t Trump just shut up?!???!?

This is so wrong, on so many levels. God help us all.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!