Maybe not everyone. When I was about five years old I realized commercials were complete bs and I stopped watching them. I could also never understand why anyone would. I could easily recognize the complete lies in them, and then distrusted the information from that moment forward. Largely, I feel that way about all media. Always have. Now I find the dishonesty in all of it beyond sickening and much like Molder on X-files, I trust no one, know that the truth is out there, but not in anything provided by mainstream corporate anything.

I don’t trust a damn thing on FB. But I do reach out to friends. Twitter always appeared to be nothing more than nonstop commercials, I am not on it. I can’t stand it. But social media bores the hell out of me primarily because it just seems so stupid. Like being exposed to endless commercials.

And so I recently read that people’s intolerance of traditional advertising and commercials are at a record high. So when you profile these people being manipulated, are you sure it’s everyone? I think there is a certain type who can be easily manipulated, but it’s probably not everyone. I can’t be. Furthermore, rather than just dropping out of the idiotic media systems, I do focus a lot of time on creating my own alternative thought systems. There are plenty of people who are doing this as well. The matrix simply does not appeal to everyone. There are more breaking out of the matrix, than going in I think. It doesn’t matter, either way a break is inevitable. There are those who are going to go deep into the matrix and there are those who are going to reject it. I say neigh to the matrix. I do not want it.

Working with the Light!

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