Maybe we never had one in the first place and maybe Trump is just making it really clear. It doesn’t even seem to matter.

Half of America is gleefully enjoying the Trump dictatorship, and they always have been, cause it’s not new.

Trump started implementing it as soon as he took office and Amy Siskind Started documenting it immediately.

It’s been in place for at least two yearsremember the government shut down? That happened about two years ago. It did enormous damage to the country (especially the National parks.) No one else in the government wanted it except Trump, to teach the Dems a lesson.

That’s only one example, and a minor one, of tremendous damage done due to the Trump dictatorship.

The Trump dictatorship is not new, people are just newly aware to it. That’s all. It’s not surprising to those of us who have been paying attention to all this chaos magick.

Now people are being snatched up and put into unmarked vans. With regard to the state of America now, I think a quote from DMX is most apropos:

“It’s getting dark, and hell is hot.”

Working with the Light!

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