Meh…I have to agree with John Hopkins in that feminism, as it is currently being discussed is just a distraction. It’s one hell of a rabbit hole.

But there are so many things that have changed in the last 100 years…we’ve seen more change in the last 100 years than the last 1000, therefore it is, at least in my view, impossible to blame any one thing, for the breakdown of almost all of the old systems.

Universities are in crisis, as their function is almost practically obsolete. Their costs are skyrocketing, no one can afford to go anymore. Most youth are entirely uninterested in our antiquated education systems, especially since information, which Universities once had the monopoly on, is everywhere. I think Elon Musk, just pointed out that almost anyone can get a college degree online for free. But they don’t.

What is driving our current state of just astronomical change, is information technology. That is truly a revolution. The fact that most humans are clueless to the fact that our replacements are in the prototype phase, right now, shows how vastly we misunderstand or underestimate the volcanic and ever shifting forces that are upon us. These are the early stages of a battle between the old elite and the new elite. New elite is going to win. There is no way it can’t — it has all the information, and as you pointed out information is power (or at least status, which leads to power.)

So, it’s pretty pointless to look backward and try to place blame for the breakdown, on any one thing, much less feminism! Unless, you want to argue that feminism is actually undercover Marxism and that progressivism or basically liberal ideology is also undercover Marxism, which Svetlana Voreskova argues relentlessly.

I don’t buy it. I think that gives feminism way to much credit for vast social changes that have been caused by a number of factors. The Black Panther Party, (I think) was influenced by Marxism. And while they did many positive things because of that influence (fed children before school for example), everyone who knows anything about the Black Panther Party knows that is was sexist as all hell. They also know that it was infiltrated by the FBI with devastating consequences, to the Party as well as the larger African-American community. The breakdown of the African-American family was caused by a number of ruthless legal and military style forces relentlessly unleashed upon them, beginning with the institution of slavery. Feminism had very little if any impact. Anyone who would argue otherwise is an idiot or is being purposefully disingenuous.

At least 1001 things are causing the breakdown of all of our current systems. The system of National sovereignty is breaking down. Any given nation’s power is limited. Who is to blame? Google. Wikileaks.

But if you want to be accurate in assessing blame, I would put it all under corruption on both the right and the left, and keep it moving. Because all Google or Wikileaks have done is assisted in bringing all this corruption to light.

Economic systems which are too old and corrupted to function effectively in the new world (which the new elite is building) is probably the primary factor in systems failures.

Imperialism and colonialism have hit a brick wall, as they should, operating off of ancient value systems, that have no place in a new world that is as connected as this one currently is. There’s only so much land and so many people to pollute, rape and pillage and because the information technology has us all so connected, we are all pretty much aware that we are at the limit.

Globalism and multiculturalism is the way of the new elites. They are going to win. This Nationalist temper-tantrum throwing, isn’t going to do anything except damage the citizens of the nations where the temper tantrums are being thrown. The new world is well underway, and it is Going to be along the lines of what Aldous Huxley envisioned, but most people are going to be left out of that new world. That new world doesn’t want, nor does it need 7 billion people. Those left out of the new world are going to have to figure it out for themselves. This is most people; and also, this is what most people fear.

I personally think two things are happening. The first is that human consciousness is changing in an effort to deal with the death of all the old systems. The culture wars, that started in the West, and are now being exported globally are a part of this shift in consciousness. People just don’t want and are tired of those old exploitive systems. I hope that those not to be included in the new world figure something out with this new consciousness. How to live simply and off the land for example. A new spiritual spin on traditional values, I hope.

The second thing that is going to happen is that the new world is going to based in information and technology. Race, gender, nationality, all of those characteristics that informed the old world heirarchichies, will be irrelevant in the new world.

That new world will still operate off of many of the old world paradigms (controlling the human mind is still going to be at the center of the new world order) but I do think it will be a more humane world and left leaning. Universal income is already on the table. All you will have to give up, to get it, (probably) is your humanity. Humans are probably going to merge with technology; and at that point all of these other culture wars will be irrelevant. The culture wars will probably shift to technological humans (inside the new world) versus organic humans (outside the new world).

Climate change is real and it is going to kill off significant portions of the global population. It is just inevitable that as the species and the planet itself, faces major threats, all of these very minor conflicts about this ideology or that ideology heat up, because people are viciously battling for resources that are perceived as being more and more scarce.

But none of these distractions, politics, religion, economics — can prevent or save anyone from experiencing the discomfort of the major shifts we are living through. Mike Meyer, do you think I am getting this right?

Mike has the best big-picture, forward-vision of anyone I’ve encountered. He truly has his finger on the pulse of what is happening. (Although I am hoping we have at least 20 more years before total collapse of the American political system.) But I don’t know, from the look of things, Mike might be right. America’s political system might be done, once Trump gets through with it. Will America make it to 2020 without incident? Without another war? Without another war on our soil? We shall see. But already states are beginning to try to do their own thing.

The globalist are going to do their own thing, they are in the process of separating from old elite, in a symbolic gesture Elon Musk basically said as much, by bailing on Trump with Paris Climate deal. (I suppose feminism is to blame for Climate Change as well.)

People who are battling against all of the new ideals that new elite are embracing, are fighting a losing battle. Whatever you think or feel about the old patriarchal systems, I’m sorry but they are done. Those old systems are done. You can whine and cry about feminism all you like, it’s pointless. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon, but it is also beside the point. In the larger scheme of things, feminism is just a drop in an ocean of change that we are all swept up in now. Arguing about it incessantly won’t change it. But… it sure will distract you from what’s really happening, right?

Working with the Light!