Meh…kinda. I want to take this up with you later because I have given this A LOT of thought. Something I am beast at is tweaking human systems to make them better, more efficient. I can read systems like psychologists read people. Trust me when I tell you the heirarchy totally wrecks most systems…so much f@cking critical communication gets trapped in the chain of command, and bad or corrupt leaders get good men killed for kicks. I worked in an organization that was paramilitary: everyone was either ex-Army, Navy, Airforce or Marine…OMG…the pissing contexts that were had and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Heirarchy, more than anything is prone to corruption once it gets too large, and too large is anything over 150 people. And this has been proven time and again, corruption starts to grow once you move beyond 150 people. That’s when the lying, cheating, stealing begins. Why? Because at 150 people everyone pretty much knows everyone else…but upwards of that, the disconnect starts to take over. The larger the structure, the more unstable it becomes due to corruption…so at 7 some billion…or planet is about to blow a gasket…

Anyway I have 1001 reasons why heirarchy is in opposition to cooperation. I think cooperation is only valued in very small heirarchical structures (150 or less). Beyond that number, there is much to be gained by gaming the system- and…being intelligent…humans quickly learn to game the hell out of a system. It’s why we are in the pickle we are in now! A global financial system, based on oil, wars and little else…we have been flirting with disaster for a while.

There are a tremendous amount of problems with heirarchies, but inefficient and incorrect communication is among one of the biggest. The oankali had none of these problems because 1. They could not lie (though they could omit the truth) and 2. they were telepathically linked- so true information was always shared telepathically. That’s a pretty clear channel, far clearer than anything humans could come up with given our propensity for deception. (Even self deception.)

So because of my work with systems, I deeply believe that heirarchies and bureaucracies are defective…especially the larger they grow…I can’t say for certain whether Butler’s theory on heirarchy and intelligence leading to self destruction is accurate, but I do find it interesting.

Working with the Light!

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