Meh…so long as American is a thing, the claim that black lives matter will not ring true to many whites. I can’t co-sign the critical mass thing though…a lot of whites ARE different now…at least the ones I interact with are. (Admittedly, it’s a small sample.) But who knows what the future holds! I never thought I’d live to see any of this!

And your comments about “the woman in the picture!” So astute. That’s me…14 years ago. So I’m not young if that’s what you think. Gen X..which means I am turning 50 (soon).

But you might be older. Your ideas sound old to me…and when I say old, I mean 20th century. So much has changed since then…we can’t even begin to know where any of this is going. AI has been proven effective at doing every job humans can do, and better…so jobs are going into extinction…they really are…so now what?

Now is a time of possibility, for something entirely different. I think the Millenials are really trying to push this shift in consciousness. I hope they are successful. The entire world needs a break from the current paradigm. I can’t take much more of this. It’s so bass, and barbaric.

Working with the Light!

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