Meh…they are and they aren’t. This political system isn’t going to change. It is thoroughly corrupted. Dems and Pubs are on the same team. It’s good cop/bad cop psychology. They use these antics to manipulate people into:

1. Thinking they have choices and

2. Pushing against each other.

It’s brilliant because once people invest in one side or another, they will fight to the death to defend it. The two sides will try to destroy each other. And that’s the only changes I see with the system, it has become more unstable, more destructive.

Take for example, this whole Obamacare v. Trumpcare. It’s a ridiculous conversation. We are going to get rid of something bad, to replace it with something much worse. People are saying, “no, that’s not what we want. That was never what we wanted, we what all the other country’s like ours have — single payer etc.”

It falls on def ears. It goes no where. We have been having this national conversation for well over 20 years. So, you can’t blame one party or another, for this failure. If you were smart, you’d realize that there are far more powerful forces behind those all those dem/pub puppets, that call the shots and pull the strings.

Take Paul Ryan, the way he flip-flops and contradicts himself and says one thing, one day only to say something entirely different another, shows that he reads a script. He does what he is told. Lately, he doesn’t do it very well. But he really doesn’t have much choice. He answers to people who paid him to do a job…ruthless people who build their wealth on the backs of others, the fact is there is just no other way for wealth, and certainly not extreme wealth to be built. So, yeah screw your single-payer healthcare. The very idea of it is an anathema to TPTB.

The only important change is people awakening to the corruption in these systems. It’s pretty obvious right now, but if you’re holding on to the the Dem/Pub thing, you probably won’t see it. You won’t see the systemic corruption, because you’re too hung up on blaming one party, for the havoc both parties wrought together. Dems and Pubs are partners.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!