Meh…they played a game and by and large it was “checkmate” for the white supremacists they didn’t want there.

For some people, (any person of color, white people who aren’t crazy, women, respecters of the sanctity of life) that is virtuous leadership.

For others, not so much. People who are jumping up and down with: “white supremacists should be able to march into towns and terrorize!” Are understandably, gaining little to no sympathy for their cause.

And therefore even if the politicians are playing shady reindeer games, to back these guys into a corner, no one particularly cares. And it is disturbing, given the sort of precedent this sets. But attacking McAuliffe and Signor is not the move now, too many people see them as they adults in the system that saved the town from terror.

And while that’s not exactly true, that hardly matters. People won’t attack the bat swingers that saved them. So you can also stop with all the Antifa hate too.

Working with the Light!

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