More like registered corporation, no average individual would be ga-ga for a repeal of Dodd-Frank. Dodd Frank attempts to prevent corporations from doing things like bottling poisoned water and selling it. What regular everyday person wants to allow corporations to have unlimited ability to do whatever they want just to pursue their profits?

Isn’t this why Trump was elected in the first place? To stop special interests and corporate corruption from running roughshod over the every man? Are you suggesting that Trump is actually for allowing banks like BOA to rip off all the people who voted Trump into office? Is Trump for giving corporations eminent domain, which is to say allowing corporations to come in and take people’s property, compensating them as they see fit? Is that the way Trump will make America great again? It is interesting because the specifics have always been sketchy, but it seems that you have an inside scoop and are really pushing policies that largely benefit multinational corporations. Is TPP back on the table yet? My how the worm has turned.

Working with the Light!

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