More like resentment…extreme resentment. A half ass story about the extreme tragedies being inflicted on a largely undeserving group of people is going to breed extreme resentment, especially now.

Oh the layers to this…don’t get me started on AMERICAN foreign policy, Oscar Romero…what was done to El Salvador the WHY of why these people are banging so hard at our back door.

Most Americans only know 1/27th of the real story of these immigrants, and how American politics is 100% the cause of all of their countries destabilization.

So an American writes a half ass story about it, and gets paid millions? Outage and resentment; and I’m not saying it’s right or justified. I’m not. I’m just pointing out that there are A LOT of factors at play that the average American simply does not understand. Jealousy is not quite the right word, as jealousy implies, almost an equality of sorts.

Clearly POC writers are not equal to white writers in terms of the ability to get published and command major money for their work. There is, at a minimum, extreme resentment for this fact alone. But I think there’s also a lot more to it than that. There is a resentment over the idea that black and brown pain is hunger games style entertainment for white masses. It sounds like that’s what the book is. Yeah. I don’t care to be entertained in quite that way. No thanks.

Working with the Light!

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