Much like you, I’ve been waiting for this to blow…blow up in human consciousness because it has been percolating under the surface for the last 4 years…those kooky Repubs (the Qanons) have been going on and on and on about this in their own weird way.

They seem to be well aware of this fact….how atrocious it is…but they place all the blame on Democrats like the Clintons, the Obamas and claim the Trump’s primary objective is to shut this down. (That 5D chess game he keeps playing with the “deep state.”)

I give them the side-eye…seriously? Trump is going to end this? While I appreciate their passionate defense of the kids, I can’t respect their narrative of justice and retribution at the hand of Trump, because it is sheer fantasy.

I don’t think we have any clue as to who the real players are in any of this; and I think people are afraid to ask and even more terrified to know for sure.

I mean people are pretty disturbed and disgusted by it; but unless you have a huge platform, to call it out, what more can you do?

David Icke had a platform and he had been talking about pedaphilia rings and the elite, for years. David Icke kelt referencing this obese Congressman in Great Britain (from the House of Lords, or Commoners, I don’t remember which) trading in little kids like Epstein. It all came out, about 5 years back I want to say. He said it traced all the way up to the Queen. Icke says a lot of untraditional things, he had a huge platform; but his speech got him permanently and vigorously banned from You Tube. Permanently. If you upload a David Icke Video, it gets taken down within the hour.

It wasn’t even the pedaphilia ring revelations that got him kicked off You-Tube, but whatever it was that he was saying about CV. I don’t know what he was saying exactly, but someone I know who followed him religiously told me about his struggle to maintain his YouTube channel, and his ultimate ban.

Too many people were listening to whatever he had to say about CV, and that was the straw the broke the censors backs. There is absolutely no deviating from the CV narrative. The intolerance for anything but the mainstream CV story, is what makes me question the veracity of it the most. The truth doesn’t need to be forced, it stands on its own.

My point is, what happened to Icke, what happened to Assange, what happened to Snowden…you see what happens to people who stand in truth.

Whoever has the intel on these operations, would be terrified of coming out with all the information on it…and I think all the governments all complicit…all of them…so whoever has the intel (Epstein, Maxwell) would have nowhere to hide should they tell it…and I don’t believe either of them have been held accountable for any damn thing. (Einstein is alive, and on that island most likely, chilling.)

We will get nothing from the system about these systems, I don’t think. But the collective consciousness (just the energy) is a force within itself…and it is pushing this into the light. It already is in the light, Somehow, someway…it is going to blow.

Working with the Light!

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