My sister, who is obsessed with 9/11 being an inside job, tells me it’s now treason to discuss 9/11 being an inside job. I haven’t actually looked into this (she often gets the pure legalities wrong) but there are actually all sorts of bizarre forms of legislation on the books with the Patriot Act and several defense acts…it is clear that since 9/11, the average American’s right to question or protest anything has become severely limited legally. We really have no right to free speech or thought anymore.

At the same time though, the Internet allows us to write about and protest just about everything in some way, shape or form. Quite the paradox that is driving the power mongers quite mad. They know the greatest threat to their authority is the fact that it is built on a mountain of lies, and that people, all across the globe are figuring it out.

I said to My brother about a year ago, people are not figuring this shit out fast enough though. He said to me, that’s not how they see it. To them, people are figuring it out too fast.

Apparently, it’s true. Here on Medium someone summarized a report from the Pentagon that expressed that exactly. People are figuring out all the fucked up shit we do, and are no longer supportive and this threatens American sovereignty and world stability. Seriously, that was the gist of the report. It went on to say, the entire world over people are getting hip to all the fucked up shit governments do, and are not on board. Cabals of the world are a little shook right now. The lies are just not working, which means they gotta use something else to control people-brute force is the other option, when propaganda and lies fail. Well now there is just mountains of misinformation to wade through. If they can’t brainwash us, they’ll just confuse the hell out of us, and have us fighting with one another about which ridiculous lies are true or partially true. (And almost all of them are)

As for the Pentagon…a whole lot about that does not add up. It really does not. At the time I was working about a mile away from it. I never saw it myself-whatever happened-BUT-I will say a lot about it just doesn’t add up!

About a year after 9/11, a slideshow was making the rounds via email that showed pictures of the site where the plane had allegedly hit the Pentagon. But this damage couldn’t have possibly be done by a plane. The hole was perfect. Almost like it had been done by a big drill. The damage was contained to a part of the Pentagon that was empty anyway? I mean what are the odds?

There are a lot of people who believe 9/11 was an inside job, done for the purpose of dismantling American civil rights and kicking off the New World Order, where western countries are endlessly fighting terror, like they endlessly fight drugs…and nothing really happens except endless war, death and destruction and these elite fuckers get rich off of all of it. (What the fuck kind of order is that?) it is straight out of Orwell’s 1984 which was written in 1948.

Evan creepier, this summer I visited the FDR memorial, which is odd for a number of reasons. It’s not like any of the other presidential memorials, in that it is a huge Japanese garden, and it is sort of hidden, which in DC is no small feat. D.C. Is insanely crowded, and the memorials especially so, as they are free.

Anyway, whenever relatives visit, I take them to the FDR memorial, because it truly gives you some insight into how great the man truly was! I had no idea all this stuff this man had done that basically created the American middle class that reached its height 1950–1970. But that new deal really DID A LOT, for most Americans.

Anyway, what I found so creepy was an FDR quote about the New World Order. He said,

“It’s not new, and it’s not order.” It’s basically just the elite trying to control every one else! FDR said that! And someone actually decided to engrave this quote into a stone wall, at his monument!!!!!

This blew my mind, because I had never heard any politician use that term New World Order, except Bush Sr. and I thought he just made it up!

But no. Apparently, they been talking about this “new world order” at least since FDR, and probably way before since he said, “it’s not new.”

FDR was probably the LAST American president who was truly for the people. He is the reason that a president can only have two terms ( he had four). The cabal could not have that happen ever again. Someone for the people? In power for 16 years???? Hell no! They have been slowly dismantling his legacy ever since.

As for what I can see here in America, Americans (ever shallow and selfish) are slowly putting together the pieces of how our government does not work for us -at all. Pissed about all the money spent abroad when so much is so fucked up at home, entire cities looking life Afghanistan. I shocked someone over in Eastern Europe by showing them videos of Detroit!

It is BAD over here, in many places. Really, really BAD in many inner cities and rural small towns.

And yet, we here about trillion dollar aid packages to Israel and all these other countries, it’s like WTF?????????

This is what Trumpism is all about, supposedly allegedly putting an end to all that. The thing is, Trump is no different. Instead of funding Israel he will fund Russia. That’s about all that will change, the basic game is the same. Rich and powerful people doing what the fuck they want, while fucking over the average Joe ungodly. Trump is just more obvious about it, than any of his predecessors. In a bizarre sort of way, he probably is the most honest president we’ve ever had.

It is transparent how deeply he wants to fuck us over. That’s a kind of honesty that we’ve never really had before.

Meanwhile his communications team…What will they do next? I think they just might start throwing feces at reporters who ask them real questions. They are…you can’t even mock them. Comedians can just show what they are actually doing, and nothing else really needs to be done. The last White House briefing I saw literally looked like an SNL sketch. Sarah Huckabee, is such a joke right now, she would be better served marketing herself as a comedian, than a press secretary. She really would. She reads a letter from an 8 year old named pickle about how much he loves Trump and then refuses to take any additional questions?


You seriously can’t tell the difference now between an SNL sketch and what the Trumpsters do.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!