Nah…that’s not it. It’s more like conservatives like aggressive bullying types, because largely they are that type, but their politicians operate under various constraints-like rules of civility or political correctness or whatever, what have you. So, when you take someone like Trump, who claims to be “conservative” — but really, his lifestyle and demeanor is about as “liberal” as it gets -and so he is the equivalent of a conservative Marsi Gras!

He is all that pent up repressed conservative expression coming out — in rare form — he is almost like a conservative orgasm. An ability to let loose, an ability to truly express the most primal desires- the ability to quite hypocritically embrace so many things that they claim to be against — but really aren’t all that against in a what is good for the goose -but only the goose kind of way.

No problem with multiple marriages- as long as it is Trump and those like Trump doing it. No problem with cheating small businesses and taxes- as long as it is Trump and Co. doing these things. No problem with certain people being given a pass on just about anything- homosexuality, abortion, religion — everything that conservatives claim to hold so dear-can be completely disregarded for loud, arrogant, and brash Trump -because he will bully everyone who we don’t like, relentlessly- and most conservatives can’t get away with these antics that without reeking of some sort of hypocrisy. But Trump can.

Catch is, the man is not really a conservative and could care less about conservative agendas. Which is probably okay, because most people could care less about conservative agendas. People are far more enthralled by a loud mouth bully, who “tells it like it is” because that seems authentic, in a time when selling the political dem or pub, bs is just not working-at all. Most people are pretty disgusted with both parties and want something entirely different. A lot of people want something raw and base and to basically be entertained gladiator style. Trump provides all of that. I must say. I am entertained by Trump. He is running the best reality show on earth right now!

Working with the Light!

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