Never said this either. Do you need to blatantly lie to win an argument? Is that the only way? My views on immigration are pretty consistent and realistic. I said its complicated and no President is going to solve those problems by building a freaking wall. That is the dumbest shit anyone ever proposed.

MS 13 clearly needs to be deported, forever. That NEVER happens. They operate all over the country and will continue to operate more effectively all of over the country now that Trump is in office. Why? They move billions. They move billions in illegal drugs, guns and people. Now that we have the most crooked billionaires controlling just about every component of American government, crime will soar. The drug trade will soar. And the blacks don’t have the money to support these habits anymore. That’s why, when it comes to the drug trade in America, white is the new black.

Working with the Light!

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