Never said this, this is yet another shady tactic you use. You have attributed all sorts of inaccurate statements to me. Statements that are more extreme then anything I actually said. You also back away from your own extreme statements and claim that you never said them. You are ripping entire chapters from the Donald Trump playbook, lie, lie, lie, distort, get loud, get hysterical accuse your opponent of doing all the things that you are actually doing. You get emotional and unhinged. You lie about things I say. You lie about things you say. You throw in extensive historical facts to try and make yourself sound credible. Try to gaslight the f@ck out of me…it is not working hon. But I will give you this much…you are damn good! How many mfers have you conned? Out of whatever? You talk a damn good game! You run circles around them Nigerians who con American idiots out of hundreds of thousands, based on a Whimpy promise of a hamburger on Tuesday. And I get it. Y’all think all Americans are stupid. But I am not that typical stupid American, okay? Try again.

Working with the Light!