Nice distraction…no one said a damn thing about Sandy Hook…not going down that rabbit hole with you. No one even mentioned that. I don’t do the theories, but I know a lot of shit, that the news pumps out makes no goddamn sense, and the conspiracy theorists question it!

And they should! They expect us to believe any damn thing about any damn thing they throw up on that TV. Mostly I believe none of it, because they been lying about every goddamn thing that comes across that TV for fucking EVER.




People have done this shit for centuries!!!! Not up for debate!!!! I CAN READ.

Power hungry people make nefarious plans all the damn time and try to keep these plans from being discovered…because uh PRISON…because losing the favor of the public especially when you’re up to some shady, grimy shit has consequences.

Case and point NIXON.

Case and point- NOT TRUMP…Cause y’all have done so much public brainwashing that you have dumb downed enough people, that they would eat a plate of a Trump’s shit if the “media” told them it was prime rib.

You got a ton of sheeple idiots. I am not one of them though.

As long as there are power hungry people slinking around in the muck and mud doing all the things they do to get away with all that dirt, there will be conspiracies.

If they are not dumbed down into Orwellian 2+2 = 10 idiocy, there will be conspiracy theorists guessing about the nature of these conspiracies.

You’re not the CIA, so stop with all the gaslighting, psyop, mindfucking around the term conspiracy theory. Acting like human fuckin nature ain’t what the fuck it is…like King Henry didn’t conspire against his 8 damn wives…like they didn’t conspire right back against his crazy ass…like at the time people didn’t have their theories about all of that. THEY DID. Anne Bolin was thought to be a witch…I think that’s what got her killed. Powerful people been conspiring FOREVER…all the people who had their theories about that crazy ass King…they were crazy too, huh?


There’s already been so much gaslighting psyop mindfucking that people are jaded and immune to it and cynical as all hell, and ready to believe in any goddamn conspiracy theory they come across.

And it doesn’t mean they are crazy, it means we have a government clearly not trust worthy, lies about half the shit it does (weapons of mass destruction indeed!) and doesn’t even bother to lie about the rest.

People don’t trust it. People will believe almost anything else, no matter how fuckin crazy it is. And that’s not on them…but these lying, grimey, always starting a war over some bullshit, not doing 1/10 of the shit they need to be doing for Americans mfers… smart people do not trust these mfers! And instead of trying to become more trustworthy…all these fuckers got is:

Don’t believe my lying ass, that lies about every damn thing! You must by crazy!!!!!

It’s like a bad relationship with a lying, cheating ass man talking about “it wasn’t me.”

Dude! I just saw you pull you d@ck out of her!

CIA please.

Working with the Light!

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