Nice! I’ll check some of your writing out, you have such interesting ideas.

I don’t okay Boomer, anyone because that is a massive generation with a lot of complexity and I don’t think it’s fair to be dismissive of all of them in that way; but certainly they are getting quite a bit of backlash from the boomlet (the Millenials) and I do think they are deserving of it. Is Trump the Quintessential Boomer? The entire generation seems to think it is special, doesn’t seem to understands that no generation lasts forever and that there is a need to hand over the reins to the next.

As for funny Boomer memes, here’s my favorite: “Millenials tired of Boomer BS, how about some sympathy for Gen X? We’ve been putting up with this shit for 50 years.”

Or another one is two footfall teams going towards one another, one labeled Boomers, the other labeled Millenials, and those on the sidelines labeled Gen X, with the instructions for Gen X to stay out of it. Good advice…typical of our lackadaisical attitude towards lots of things.

Nature abhors a vacuum, this is true. And I think people (especially Boomers) fear the chaos of a system breaking down. But the younger generations do have ideas on how to repair and replace these systems. I think that is all a part of this shift we are experiencing. Millenials DO think very differently. (I’ve raised three.) They have known this entire system was breaking down (before older generations did). They are making decisions based on the world they have to live in, not the world I as a Gen Xer had. That world doesn’t exist anymore. Certainly the world that so many Boomers cling tightly to is long gone.

Accepting this is challenging. I struggle with it myself. But what can we do? Adapt. We have no choice if we are going to survive.

Working with the Light!

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