Nice, intelligent conversation is one thing, saying “date me,” “talk to me,” “look at me,” give me your time and energy because I demand it and clearly have a sexual interest in you and only that” is totally another. Clearly she should not have to engage in that if she doesn’t want to, but as I said a lot of women do want this sort of attention, or at least have the option of receiving this sort of attention, because they tie an understanding of their self worth up into getting that sort of attention.

Growing up, in urban America, with a certain type of body, I certainly got my fair share of this sort of male attention (the lowest, the most base) as well as all sorts of other. I only respected men who were capable of engaging in intelligent conversation. Those men earned my attention.

Men do not have the automatic right to command or insist upon any random woman’s attention. Do you think that they do? Your comment above makes me think that you might.

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