Nice rhetorical trick. You completely ignore EVERYTHING, I said about the International Political scene (which is all true, by the way, and you know it) EVERYTHING I said, about most Russians having no beef with most Americans as people- and then, and I love this, went straight to this heartbreaking narrative on what Muslims are doing to Russians (thereby providing justification for the Islamaphobia).

God you’re good! Like seriously, really, really good! You can verbally cartwheel out of ANY…and I do mean ANY corner you get backed into.

Debate team? Come on, I know you were on one. This shit doesn’t just come to you naturally does it?

Didn’t touch on the Matthew Shepard point though.

Clearly, I have no beef with any actual Russian who hasn’t done anything to me — and ironically, just yesterday, at a business luncheon one hooked me up with an extraordinarily valuable business contact simply because she appreciates the work that I do.

So, when it comes to any interpersonal relationship, with anyone in the world — as long as they have a good heart, I am good with them, and they are good with me too.

I am sure that I am subjected to a lot of US propaganda against Russia. But I can see through it. I understand the international political game, its just like the Game of Thrones. And nations use whatever weapons are available to them, guns, bombs, espionage, propaganda, stolen intel, whatever. And as a player, on the world stage Russia has got some skills, and they are coming for us. That is Russis’s job and Russia wouldn’t be a major player in the game if it didn’t recognize that. You can ignore that a game is being played if you want to. That might not work out well for you, but who knows. I see the game clearly though…the US is like the Lannisters, and the Russians would be probably like the North. And…the North remembers. Russia ain’t forgetting what’s been done to them over the past 70 years.

All the Players on the stage have done terrible, horrible, God awful, unforgivable things. They have all killed babies. They have all blown up churches. They have all started wars that have killed millions of men needlessly — and they all have their reasons for doing so. This is the truth. Why you want to ignore all of that, and act like this has anything to do with the people who live in these countries is beyond me.

So let me make this clearer for you — Russia, the nation state on the world stage has absolutely no love for the USA. These two nation states have been enemies for decades. That’s not going to change just because neoconservatives like the identity politics of some Russians. And not all Russians, because people are people wherever you go and people split along the same ideological lines, consistently. Russia never had African slaves, so when it comes to racism based on color, I am guessing that’s not going to be a thing.

Yes, it’s so obvious I don’t think it needs to be said, there are millions of Russians who are delightful people. I’ve known a few. I actually know this amazing Russian energy healer who is married to a Palestinian. So, yeah…Russians can be as wildly and crazy liberal as any American libtard, and I bet that freaks the neocons out, but none of this has a damn thing to do with the Geopolitical scene.

You simply cannot deny, as far as the nation state thing goes, Russia and America have been enemies for decades. You can’t turn this around, just because Trump wants to. These geopolitical arrangements simply don’t work that way.

You could make the argument, that Trump is trying to turn a longtime enemy into an ally. (Never a friend, but an ally) He may very well be trying to do this, as this may benefit Trump greatly. IT will not benefit the US, the nation state. But it’s a pretty pointless effort, because with or without Trump, the US nation state is headed for collapse, much like the Lannisters, we got tons of debt, tons of enemies, tons of internal chaos in the 50 states and not a competent leader in sight anywhere.

Trump is smart enough to recognize this, so he’s not trying to lead us out of collapse, he is trying to position himself so that no matter what happens, he and his family are good.

Meanwhile the country goes to hell in a hand basket, and you want to talk about individual Russians and Americans, as if Trump or Putin gives a damn about any of them. They don’t, but the cons they run are so sweet, they got people all over the world running game for them.

Cause people feel strongly about these selfish assholes. This one Russian beat up a colleague of mine, for talking crap about Putin…and this was during the Obama administration, before anyone was talking about Russia on a daily basis. These were two white women fighting — same color as you say. But clearly that is beside the point and you know it.

All politics is identity politics. The Russian woman was pissed because she highly identified with Putin and felt he was being unfairly criticized by this clueless American. And you know what? She was probably right, but she shouldn’t have hit the other woman. That’s a step to far, no?

So like I said before, generally, most Russians got no problem with most Americans. This is true, (and not just about Russians, but Iranians, Armenians, Syrians, Jordanians, Czechoslovakians…etc, but totally beside the point when it comes to international politics.

People who live in a country have nothing to do with that country’s international politics. But you can’t ignore the international politics, they definitely affect your everyday life and if your wife really is Russian, it is going to affect the both of you.

I’m sorry. That’s just the way it is. (Try being black in America) it’s similar. People mindlessly hating you based on the way you look or talk. Some people are probably going to be hating Russians in America, now. Just like tons of people in this country hate Muslims now.

But, I’m not that type. Never have been.

Every Russian isn’t a spy, nor is every Muslim a terrorist and only an idiot would think so. But every Muslim ain’t your friend, nor is ever Russian, and only an idiot would think so.

I take everyone as they come and I am discerning, now more than ever.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!