No, and I wasn’t implying that anyway. But if anyone was influenced by that — and millions were! My mom told me about it! Then, it is a program out there in the collective consciousness, running like Microsoft Word. If your parents had the book, then the intent was probably to program you in that way. That’s what I assumed. (I did assume that and I could be wrong.)

Even if you resisted immensely, (glitchy) I believe you still absorbed some of that programming. It would be impossible not to, like swimming in a pool and not ingesting chlorine. Sure, no one wants to, it taste horrible, but how can you possibly resist the water you swim in entirely?

Our cultures impact us greatly. African-Americans are to this very day, unpacking the mind f@ck that was slavery. A lot of extremely oppressive behaviors have been passed down to this day! You would be totally unaware unless you were exposed to another sort of culture (mainstream white American culture) where you could say, “oh! Wow! That is so very different than how I was raised.” I had those experiences. But I digress.

I am just sharing, what I have recently learned about programming. Which is more like brainwashing (that’s a better word, that most people can more easily relate to.) it sounds harsh, but the truth is we are being brainwashed all the damn time, and no matter how glitchy you are, you can’t escape it.

Let me ask you this, “do you need money to live?”

You will probably say, “well of course I do! Everyone does! What a ridiculous question!”

Yeah, but that’s a program. You really don’t. You can live without it, but you think it would be extremely difficult (and given everything we are fed about money, forced to believe about money, it probably would be.)

But all that is programming. Money is a program that very few people will try to challenge, because it is so heavily tied into survival programming.

Do you need to eat? That’s another survival program.

There are literally thousands of programs running in our brain that influence the way we experience the world. It is truly impossible for parents not to have had an impact. It may not have been the desired one, but so much of what they believe about themselves gets passed down to us in our DNA!

I don’t want to convince you of anything you don’t want to believe, and if you believe you are THAT glitchy, (that your parents had zero influence) then you may be. I don’t know.

All I know is my journey, and what has brought me, not so much happiness but comfort and peace.

Working with the Light!

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