NO…because that was my point! This ain’t about Hillary, per se. You are missing the point!

My point is I live in a country — and I know you don’t even live here, so you don’t have to put up with this ish- where it’s all:

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary - Oh we hate Hillary, we can’t stand that friggin *%#*^% B*&@tch Hillary.

If I’m annoyed, and I don’t even care about Hillary, then her legions of fans, and she does have them, I’m sure- are really, really, really riling up to get into F*CK YOU! Mode over pieces like this. Check out for example, Ginger Murray , The Nasty Woman Rises .

I read that because though I largely stay out of all the political fray, knowing the big con game that it has always been and continues to be, I really do believe Hillary got a raw deal because she was a woman politician.

I mean I can’t stand Clarence Thomas, or David Clarke. Typically, I would never jump to any defense of them, or any of their policies. But if huge portions of the population were all like; Oh we hate Clarence, we can’t stand that friggin *%#*^% N*&@er Clarence. Let’s lynch him!

Eventually, I’d say: Hold up! Wait a minute! I don’t like Clarence, but you gonna watch how many times you throw that N-word around!

It’s getting to the point that people who don’t even care about Hillary (me) are like SHUT UP! Enough with all of the hate for Hillary! She did a whole lot of grimey ish, but she is not on the scene, right now. Jeff Sessions IS. A whole lot of horrible men doing all the same horrible things that Hillary is was doing ARE.

As far as I am concerned, as far as what affects me personally, THAT IS DEFINITELY MORE PRESSING. That is true for huge numbers of Americans- who need, good food to eat, clean air to breath, a health care system that actually HEALS PEOPLE - instead of creating addicts. And we need all of these assh*&#S to get out of the way. So, since you seem to be clueless, let me educate you. There are tons of politicians BESIDES HILLARY, doing Horrible ish. Most of them MEN. Here is a list:

One word: Dick Cheney. Are we still talking about that dude? Well why the hell not?

Donald Trump (WHO IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN HILLARY) and really that is what set this whole thing off. You wanted to make that argument, Hilary is far worse than he is. (ARGH And for me that’s a button! That makes me just want to VOMIT!) So, I challenged that. The response? Not one word about Trump’s sheer and utter incompetence, or the narcisisstic, nonpartisan, con job, mindf*ck that he is. Not a word! That’s why I think you might be undercover for Brietbart.

But also, not a word against:

Paul Ryan

Cause selfish is good! Letting babies and old people die is good for America! Useless eaters- all of them! Don’t even let them eat cake! What in the world was Marie thinking! She’s worse than Hillary!

Jeff Sessions

As soon as he took office he co-opted a line from Shakespeare: The first thing we do, is we kill all the blacks!

Steve Bannon

Ditto to Sessions!

Rex Tillerson

Cause war hawks are fine — as long as they aren’t killing white people.

Jared Kushner

Cause everyone loves a slum lord. Especially when the tenants are black people.

Mitch McConnel

Yeah, I know. I have been warned. Nevertheless I am persisting.

Greg Giantaforte (who just whipped ass because they dared to ask him a question about healthcare, and you want to talk about Hillary!?!?!?!? Are you kidding me right now!!!!!!!)

Cause that’s a thing now, whipping a journalist’s ass, especially when they dare to ask any questions about food, jobs or healthcare- and CAUSE HILLARY!!!!!

Just the Entire Trump Cabinet- in positions of doing all of this right NOW.

I could go on….

Want some Dems? Fine.

Chuck Schumer

and this:

And, I have never fallen for the Pub/Dem good cop bad con!


That crazy Comey dude!

Now I went BOTH HARD LEFT and HARD RIGHT on that Dude — Both saying the same damn things, basically, about he’s scheming and plotting. Oh, he is ever so tricksy. But HILLARY! HILLARY! HILLARY! HILLARY!

Even Bernie Sanders can sell out:

But like Tupak:

No, I am not mad at him. We all got bills to pay. I don’t get into the particulars with any of these people. I largely do not care.

Where is the outrage? The vitriol? The disgust! The ever-loving foaming at the mouth hate for any of them? It is a reasonable question. And oh, yeah, the race thing? Know you’re going totally ignore it. Can’t be bothered to consider 200 years of black and brown Americans lives not mattering. I mean that doesn’t affect you, in the least. But you’re not a a total stranger to this though. Aboriginees, did they ever get their land back? I’m guessing, no.

Well, this is going down NOW:

Most Americans are concerned about whether they will be able to get healthcare. I know, I know, BUT HILLARY!!!!!!



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