No, can’t co-sign that non-conformity or noncompliance is a form of violence. Certainly it is disruptive, but disruption is different than violence.

Lyft and uber were certainly disruptive, but violent? Who would say that? Perhaps taxi-cab owners, understandably. But we’re they really?

These protestors (the ones who only take up space and insist upon being heard) are “violent” because of this? If so then what isn’t violent? You described all kinds of violence, so are you saying the opportunity for peace does not exist?

People putting hands in the air, kneeling, and/or otherwise passively and insisting not be harmed is a form of violence? I’m trying to see this perspective because clearly a lot of people believe that this is true. But how it reads to me is that not submitting to violence is violence. And…if that’s the case then everything is violence. Or is it peaceful to allow oneself to be murdered. To say, oh by all means police, soldier, state, tyrant, please kill me -that’s peace?

There is something really savage and sick about that.

Working with the Light!

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