No he isn’t. He knows full well, but agains is going to go with what is politically advantageous for him, which is to deny that this happened.

Russia could send one of those EMP shut down the grid things directly into the heartland , shutting down say, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and Michigan. Then Russian hackers could flood Facebook and Instagram with pictures of cozy bear and fancy bear holding signs reading “Booya! Gotcha heartland!” And Donald Trump would still deny that Russians even know how to hack.

This is who he is. Who can be surprised by this? If the facts are not advantageous to Trump, they don’t exist. The supporters created this insanity because he KNOWS (he has said as much) he could shoot some one in broad daylight in the face, Dick Cheney style, and his flunkies would line up to explain why it had to happen and was totally justified.

This blind faith in Trump, like he is God, is probably misplaced…is all I’m saying. You can like a candidate, and still say, “you know what, I dig you Trump, but you’re wrong on this one.” You won’t get stuck by lightening. I promise.


Working with the Light!

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