No. I agree with you, the Rwandan comparison is flawed. Even though I know very little about Rwanda, just based upon what I know of underdeveloped nations receiving foreign aid, the corruption that is invariably involved in that prevents progression. You point to a whole lot of other regressive stuff about Rwanda. Based on a film I saw about an International trial on war crimes committed in Rwanda, everything you stated sounds about right. So my question is — what are we paying for, really?

Umair’s original point was even Rwanda, has a really progressive healthcare system. (And yeah, that was always a bit of a stretch I thought, but I let him make the point, because I know very little about Rwanda.)

You come along with “yeah but we’re paying for it.”

I pointed out, be that as it may, I bet the Rwandan system isn’t so progressive, cause corruption. And then you essentially proved my point in your response.

So this is just a really depressing conversation about healthcare. Ours is jacked, and so is Rwanda’s. We are paying for both, and in the case of Rwanda, we’re really lining the pockets of very corrupt individuals, much more so than helping them to build a progressive healthcare system. (If what you say is true, and I have no reason to doubt you, but again I am no expert on Rwanda, which is to say, I couldn’t refute Umair’s initial point about it, though it seemed quite suspect to me. Rwanda and progressive healthcare, are rarely mentioned in the same sentence. )

If your point is Umair stretches the truth, (and quite a bit) with his US Rwandan comparisons, you have made that point quite well.

But the issue that is on most American minds right now, is what about our healthcare system? What about that? Umair is bashing our inability to deliver an effective system, and even though his hyperbole with Rwanda borders on lying, his original position, about the healthcare system is not incorrect. Regressive might not be quite the right word to describe it. Destructive and uninterested in patient health, hyper interested in profit, would be a better way to describe it.

Throwing the Rwandan red herring into the discussion only made it worse. Umair tries to shame the US, by saying: you can’t even get this right, when this country, with all of it’s problems did.

Then you come along and point out, well no, we basically exported our corrupt system to them, and we paid for it, and largely the most corrupt among them are the beneficiaries of that exported system.

Well…that’s even worse, than Umair’s exaggeration/lie. This is a very depressing conversation about healthcare.

Excuse me, while I go and 😭.

Working with the Light!

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