No I don’t think I’m showing a disregard for any human life, because I’m saying that should be the concern and focus in all of this. And it shouldn’t matter what someone’s race is, and it shouldn’t matter whether you are a policeman or not, a very basic, fundamental law of human nature is respect life.

I don’t know, and I am completely uninterested in debating any particular facts or details regarding any protest of police activity, for a lot of different reasons, but the primary one is I don’t trust the narratives. There are literally an infinite number of ways the information we get about these events can be misconstrued, misinterpreted and, in some cases the information provided is downright weird and unbelievable (an unseen, unidentifiable protestor in Dallas, killed by a drone bomb?)


But people see the images and stories and react very strongly emotionally. I think it sad that, with this particular story, which is interesting in that it is really attempting to present itself in an unbiased fashion, in the reaction to the story, there is so much focus on property.

The one thing that I do know about these protests is that they are a reaction to what most black people believe is the outright and unjustified murder of black people by police. If you are white in America, especially of a certain class, you do not want to believe this is a possibility- and there are a number of complicated reasons for this…and, I get it.

But I will say this, which I said nearly 30 years ago with regard to the OJ Simpson verdict, it is dangerous to live in a country, and to live right next door to people and to have no clue…just not a clue…as to how they experience American life and American police. That is the situation with Black America and White America right now…White America has no clue about centuries of pain and injustices visited upon the other, no clue as to what the long term damage of that has been, no clue as to how long this anger and rage has been simmering, simmering…do you want an idea? Centuries. And the extreme brutality that law enforcement has been using against African-Americans for centuries, is really no secret. It has been well documented in history, all kinds of literature, certainly Klan records and in the criminal justice system itself. So in a way, it can be particularly enraging to have many white Americans absolutely insisting that your history and your experiences and your heritage is not what it is. But not only do white people do this, they do it arrogantly and angrily and often.

And so from this limited perspective white people complain about the destruction of property, with still no regard for the destruction of black human lives that has been going on for centuries; most have an unwillingness to even acknowledge that fact, and in response to this ignorance they want to be shocked, angered and confused at the resistance to this? Which is largely what the protests are -resistance to a cultural phenomenon and a system that unapologetically asserts that Black lives don’t matter.

It just blows my mind how most white people struggle with the concept of black lives mattering. I am asking you, really, out of sheer curiosity, why can’t you acknowledge, ever that black lives matter?

I can count on one hand, the white people I know who will acknowledge this. Almost all of them are women, the one white man I know who kind of does this, does it very half-ass and noncommittally, although he’s very vocal about other social justice issues. If you are white and male, I really want you to think about why it is soooooooooooo difficult to say it…black lives matter.

The taking of a life, ANY LIFE, is deeply, morally wrong in my belief system. I hate to kill insects, even. But one thing that I feel is deeply true, about my fellow Americans, and especially my fellow male Americans and especially the white ones, they don’t share this belief about the sanctity of human life — and certainly not black life.

White men are quick to dismiss and dispose of black life, almost thoughtlessly. It’s almost as if acknowledging that Black life matters is so painful, they will find any excuse not to acknowledge that. They will rail on and on about the sanctity of office supplies instead; and I think this is disgraceful.

I also think protesting by throwing rocks at people is disgraceful. I think probably not a majority of protesters are doing that, but I’m sure that some are, and it’s disgraceful.

These are sad, sad times in America and in the world. More than anything, I just wish that most humans were 100% better than they actually are. I wish we truly understood concepts like love and compassion and knew how to live without fear. I wish that I didn’t keep seeing images of a three year old little boy — neither black nor white, but to me, simply human — all the way across the world, covered in soot in blood looking half past dead, with not a soul by his side to comfort him…and in these wishes I feel that I am holding on to the idea that life is precious and should not be casually disregarded, for what it’s worth.


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