No…I really don’t think it’s the same. I mean I hear you, but people manifest negative things as well, and I mean the exact same kinds of negative things over and over again. It is in watching people’s overall life patterns that I’ve become a believer in LoA. People attract certain things effortlessly, that others would kill for. People tell me I am so lucky for things I have, that I didn’t particularly want. And yet there are those who have simply stumbled onto things that I long for and ache for, but can’t ever seem to get. It seems that anything we want too much we do not get, because we have resistance to it or whatever.

LoA might not be for you. Because everything isn’t for everyone, but hard work won’t necessarily get you what you want either. I know plenty who have worked themselves to death and never got what they truly wanted.

The sickness and the LoA thing definitely seems bizarre. I’ve never heard of anything like it. I’ve never been a fan of LoA gurus however. They strike me as predatory, and if you are trying to personally gain from sharing that knowledge maybe you will get sick. One of the LoA gurus went to prison, behind his LoA work. I found it shocking, actually! Like hey if you are such a manifesting genius how did you get that?

I am baffled that you say you believe in synchronicity but not LoA…to me they are all apart of the same concept. Different things, yes, but still all apart of this concept that we live in a mysterious universe that works with us and brings thing to us, if we allow it.

I’ve always understood- don’t ask me how because no one ever told me- that the universe was composed of mainly energy. Not only that but energy has a certain kind of feel — a vibration.

I will give you an example. One time, I was trying to bail someone out of jail — first and last time I did that! The energy of the waiting area was some of the worst I have ever felt. I was waiting with my sister…trying to bail out her fiancé the night before the wedding- kid you not! Anyway, this guy walks up to her and starts talking to her. His energy was so negative, I felt like I would 🤢 throw up. So I told her that, and then she told me about that guy. Long story short I would never choose to share time and space with that dude. No wonder his energy felt so awful to me. He was a murderer.

But what does this have to do with LoA? Everything! We all vibrate at certain frequencies. Science could prove this if it wanted to, but it doesn’t — God forbid it let people know about their own personal powers. Anyway, based on our vibrations, we attract stuff to us good and bad. Wanna get rid of a negative person? Be really nice to them. It works like a charm! It really works. I swear. The thing is, you have to genuinely want good things for them. They will vibrate out of your existence because they can’t match your vibration. If you can’t be nice, be neutral, peaceful. It’s like you become invisible to them. That has happened to me to.

Soooo if this vibrational stuff works with people, doesn’t it stand to reason that it also works with things and experiences? So if you’re like, “LoA is not for me.” Then it’s not going to be. Your friend with the beach house (so jealous it’s one of the things I have longed for for forever) believe that LoA is for her. And it is she has a freaking beach house!

I am actually working on an article about this stuff because I simply want to understand it better, and not in any cheesy LoA make a vision board and pray on it kind of way, (cause no that doesn’t seem to work) but really understanding how our vibrations, which we create with our thoughts and emotions attract certain things into our lives — although honestly not in the ways we necessarily expect. Almost never that way.

Like the last thing I was expecting today was to get into a debate about whether LoA really works, but it’s actually a good thing as this debate is helping me to shape my own ideas around it, which are nebulous at best.

I still maintain that for most of us, trying to use LoA is like trying to solve a quadratic equation while only having a knowledge of addition only. There is a lot of information that is missing. There are a lot of skills and tools that are missing. There is NO DOUBT that thoughts become things. Every thing has a thought behind it. How this thing becomes a part of our illusory solid reality, is what is hotly debated.

I listened to this book by a Russian physicist, named Vadim Zeland. He wrote this awesome book: Reality Transurfing The Space of Variations. It’s a book describing the mechanics of LoA in a totally different way, than anything we have ever seen in the states. In this book, he basically states that there are all sorts of frequencies in the energetic field that we call reality. He explains that we can and will latch on to whatever frequency we match. He also explains how certain frequencies are very difficult to escape like war and poverty. They are difficult to escape for different reasons- but it all comes down to the fact that we all emit different vibrations which then interact with and mix up with other vibrations out there…and since this can be an incredibly complicated mix of energy and frequencies, yeah just making a list of what you want is a joke.

There is a lot more to it than that, but I maintain that LoA is real and success with it isn’t random, though it may seem so to us. There is a method to it…we largely don’t get it, but I am trying, because there is a certain experience I want that I’ve been trying to manifest for forever! I feel like if I could just figure this out I could break through.

Does any of this sound like something you could believe? Or does this just sound like a bunch of malarkey? I genuinely want to know your true thoughts, because you’re not alone in your beliefs about LoA no working. Most people, (for a long time even me) believe that. But I really think we are just not doing it right.

Anyway thanks for the thoughtful feedback! If you don’t mind I’m going to give you a shout out in my article I’m writing on this.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!