No, it IS about finding out how we feel, most importantly what we FEAR, and using THAT against us to serve THEIR self-interests, as determined by our greedy, corrupt leaders…it’s been this way for centuries. Especially under the various monarchs. People who say American democracy has failed, fail to understand what it was coming from. It’s a vast improvement over the European monarchies, with their cruel, capricious and arbitrary reigns. However American Democracy, utilizes many of the same manipulative concepts. Rulers and especially a ruler like Trump, resort to fear, intimidation and oppression to bend the public to its will…taken to far inevitably it leads to revolt. People tire of oppressive, cruel, capricious rulers who cause senseless death, senseless pain and suffering..they form revolts and in these revolts they seek to kill the leaders. We are in a revolt of sorts now, a civil sort of war, here in America. Trump, an oppressive, cruel and capricious ruler, far more like a monarch than a president (which is what he wants) makes life absolutely unbearable for those in his court that won’t kiss his ass (typical European King behavior) and Dems and Pubs both fall into this category. Still, Pubs will do the Kings bidding no matter what it is, there is nothing too morally reprehensible to them to hold onto the newfound power they have with their King. As for Dems, they resist and suffer. This has led to a lot of anger, simmering rage, and revolt. All the Dem activism is basically a revolt against an unjust and unfair King.

America under Trump has regressed into a kind of monarchy. And even though our system has a million sort of checks and balances to prevent this, apolitical corrupt forces have been working on breaking this democracy down for sometime, because it does not serve them well.

But a Trump monarchy does…and that’s what we have now. This guy did not win the popular vote. He rigged his way into an America presidency, that he promptly regressed into a monarchy, which America has ever been against, and he did it by gaining control of the hearts and minds of voters who, are not necessarily too stupid, but are too afraid to vote against him.

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