No it is not. Republicans are allegedly “pro-life” while always being proponents of almost everything antithetical to life, in every way. The hypocrisy is NEVER explained, and if you are truly “pro-life” and are truly against all of the anti-life policies of the Republican Party, then you need to stop voting with that block!

Then maybe people would take your “pro-life” stance more seriously. As it stands now, these “pro-life” assertions are a deeply disturbing insult to basic intelligence. I care about life, as I applaud cops killing people in the street; and lose my everloving mind when they insist that their lives matter.

That’s prolife? No! That is the opposite of pro- life. And so you really think we are so stupid, that we cannot figure out that people who applaud all kinds of death are anything but prolife? Really??????

Working with the Light!

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