No it really isn’t dying out. It has changed forms, and if you think about it, that only makes sense. Moving from an agricultural economy to an industrial one, the institutionalized systems of oppression have simply change from agricultural ones to industrial ones, and in the IT age, corporate and virtual ones.

What is changing rapidly, though is the expansion of these oppressive systems, they are no longer confined to black and brown people, so when I say white identity politics are necessary, what I am saying is that white people need to recognize that they too are being oppressed by these systems. And they are. Right now the knee jerk response is to blame minorities, but that’s only going to play for so long.

It was always only about money and power, the race and immigrant thing is a big distraction. Beating up on minorities is not going to change the political and economic situation for working class whites, which is dire. If you think any of Trump’s anti-diversity policies is going to move the needle, for these troubled folks, you are going to be disappointed.

Attempting to solve this problem by looking at things like Affirmative Action policies, is wasted time and energy. All those systems are failing, anyway. The Mills don’t want to go to college, to much debt, not enough pay off and that system of education is entirely antiquated.

So Trump’s DOJ is going after colleges diversity programming? Right now colleges desperately need whoever is willing to pay to attend. It’s a business, more so than anything else, and a failing one at that. Colleges want to keep all the tuition they can in their coffers, and if their diversity programming helps them to do that, they will stick with it, even if they have to underground it. They will just change the name, call it something else, claim to be doing something else, but in the end it will be the same.

Corporations like “diversity” for a number of reasons related to profit, and nothing else. Everyone has some money. Corporations like to appear neutral and appeal to everyone so they can get all of it.

Once you realize how much money these various organizations make off of their versions of Affirmative Action and Diversity, you will realize it’s not going anywhere. And you’re right these systems rarely advantage the truly disadvantaged. But when “diversity” allows you to get twice the amount of work at half the price, well, that cat is not going back into the bag.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!