No it’s not. My points are neither right nor left, and I keep telling you that. I do not agree with anything Tib says as he is pure Fox News propaganda. I could never agree with that mindless sort of blather.

It defies logic. It ignores facts. To be unable to admit that Trump is a deeply flawed president, is quite simply to ignore reality. And it is not about the partisan politics, cause Trump is not a Pub, he is a con. He hijacked the pub party and is taking it for a ride. They are working hard to tame the beast that is Trump. And they are failing. Which is good. Because these Pubs in power now are grimey, so are most Dems.

Just because I don’t agree with Pub points (or brainwashing) doesn’t mean my points are left wing. They are not. My points are real. Based in a real understanding of how the D.C. Political machine works (and that machine is not partisan) as well as a pretty good grasp on domestic policies and problems and a less firm grasp on international policies and problems.

My take has always been to follow the money, because the money does not lie. I read Reuters and Business Insider, for my news. When they say Trump is faltering, they are saying he is messing with the money. And he is. He is definitely messing with America’s money for his own personal gain.

The tactic of just calling anyone who doesn’t agree with you a “leftist” or a “liberal” is a simple way to demonize and simplify political points that are very, very complex.

For me it’s never been about the politics, but the money. We all need money. I only look at what politicians do with the money, and then decide. For the past 16 years the politicians have allowed American wealth to be taken out of most American systems and redistributed to a wealthy few. They’re all in on it. That is not a leftist talking point. The left always claims the opposite. They act as if they aren’t on the take too. They pretend to be the good cop, to the Pub bad cop. That’s my view. That’s always been my view. Why is this so hard for Pubs to understand?

Why can’t you see the world in any other way except right or left? Don’t you see that game is just another con? Don’t you get that you are falling for it? I am serious! Why can’t you think outside of this box? Why does everything have to be right or left?

Everything is about the haves and have nots — and that is the political truth the real power behind the Dems and Pubs don’t want you to investigate. You never disappoint them, either, as long as you play the partisan game, you are always focused on the wrong things. Not the money.

But how in the hell can you just ignore the money? How are you just going to ignore the healthcare crisis? How can you ignore that millions of you fellow citizens are dying from Opioid addiction, weather disasters, despair from homelessness and in employment?

Meanwhile, the Pub Congress DOES NOTHING to fix these problems! Trump DOES NOTHING to fix these problems! Trump promised so many things! He got in office and abandoned them all! Pay attention to what these crooks Do! Not what they say, or what anyone says about them. I don’t care what Fox or CNN has to say about any of it! All I have to do is look at how any Congressman votes on the issues and form my own opinion!

Seriously! How does this work? I am genuinely curious as to how so many people, most in fact, choose to ignore the real game being played. Politics is a distraction. The media is a distraction. The real game is all about control and money. But you, keep wanting to make this about Dems and Pubs. I don’t.

John Hopkins here is that dynamic I was talking about! Larry and his buddy John the Tib, call me a leftist robot, because I don’t like Trump. (Despite the fact that there are 1001 non political reasons to dislike Trump!) and yet they absolutely refuse to speak to anything substantive! It’s always,”you’re a liberal because you don’t agree with everything I say and I’m not going to listen to you.”

John goes off on a long hysterical rant about how if the liberals kill Trump, there will be war.

And yet I never said anything about killing Trump. I don’t know of anyone talking about anything like that! Where does he get this stuff?

Fox News. They turn people into stupid, hysterical zombies. It’s true. It’s like a drug.

Healthcare is in crisis right now! Industry saw this crisis coming years ago, and now that it is here, worsened by the Opioid crisis, Trumpsters just refuse to even address it! People are dying!!!! At alarming rates! Nothing is being done, except Trump is proposing slashes to federal aid allocated to assist.

My reasons for disliking Trump are not political! It has nothing to do with the left! (And everything to do with him being a crook!) and yet…they simply cannot grasp this concept! WTF? It really isn’t that complicated a concept, is it? Why is it so hard for most people to look at what’s really going on behind the curtain? Everyone saw the Wizard of Oz! Everyone should get it!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!