No need for insults, it is a discussion. Often people with these Russian sounding names revert quickly, to this kind of dialogue. Is this a Russian thing? When Russians speak to each other, is it always stupid this, idiot that when people don’t agree? I am curious.

I am just noticing a pattern to the point where I’m just wondering if it’s a cultural or linguistic phenomenon.

Hip-Hop. I studied the linguistic cadences of it…they trace all the way back to Africa, Swahili actually. If you have ever heard any African speak, you can hear the hip-hop, in their cadence.

Any way the Russian cadences I have encountered seem to involve lot of raw aggression and a fair share of insults. I can’t even take it personally. I chock it up to being a Russian thing, that I don’t understand.

It would be really cool if Russians starting rhyming. Any Russian hip-hop artists? I’d like to hear em.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!