No. No one said anything about anyone being TRASH. But…we (and when I say we I mean all women of color and maybe a few “woke” white women) know how this particular dynamic goes.

Lately, white men, some of the most privileged mfers on the earth, have been losing their gd minds. They feeling “oppressed” and “discriminated” against. But all that’s happening really is a loss of privilege. They are being treated the same as everyone else.

Well…that…they just can’t fathom and deal with. (Many of them can’t). And the rest of us are like: these mfers!!!! THE NERVE!!!!

But I talked to my dad about it…I was like, “DAD! WTF is up with these white boys?!?!??” And he was like, “They are losing all their privileges…and a loss of privilege feels like oppression.”

Calm down, white guy. Ain’t nobody calling you trash…but we are saying it’s time to get off that fake high horse and deal with the world the same way everyone else has to. Time to GROW UP!

Working with the Light!

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