No, none of that is normal...but neither is watching people being brutally murdered by cops and shrugging your shoulders about it. And that is her point...there is something DEEPLY ABNORMAL about all of it.

The abnormality doesn't just extend to the political party you happen to disfavor. It is everywhere.

How is it that Qanoners, entrench deeply in totally irrational beliefs about Trump "saving the children" when there is plenty of evidence that his administration's policies on family separation at the border has led to rampant child-sex trafficking and slavery for those children? Most (probably you) just ignore this inconvenient truth...but one Trumpster at least dignified my question with this "Trump had to put the kids in cages to save them."

Okay. Wow.

Yeah, the Clintons have plenty to atone for (Haiti, I bet you don't even know anything about that, and don't care cause, hey, they were only poor black people the Clintons totally scammed out of the money the world donated to them after that crazy earthquake hit); but Trump sure as hell ain't no great savior either. All the politicians tend to roll like that. All of them. And Republicans are ghoulishly anti-life, despite all their "prolife" propaganda...and there is nothing normal about any of it. That is her point.

Here you are, doing that sick, sick, sick, thing that Pub types do, where you condone and excuse any kind of violence that white men are engaged within against black and brown folk, while doing everything you can to demonize and dehumanize people of color. (Blake did not have a knife in his hand, it was in his car...and there was no way the police could have known that as he was walking away from them.)

Why do you need to tell this lie? What does it do for you? Really? I am curious. I want to know.

Here is what I suspect. You want to make it okay for white men to do god awful, godless, merciless, (there are just no words in my consciousness of humanity we have witnessed at the hands of these white police officers for the last 30 years, dating all the way back to Rodney King and I'm sure you have excuses for that too), but really this shit is inexcusable, and you know it, so you LIE.

What about all the black women who have been raped because of the dictates of slavery, and white supremacy? What is your justification for that? White Men raping and torturing women is okay because? What lie are you going to come up with for the justification of that?

You want it to be okay to murder, rape, exploit and just generally dehumanize people of color and so you resort to lying about them, as well as the circumstances surrounding the exploitation.

And you don't find it the least but odd, that someone like me finds your astounding hypocrisy nauseating when you claim to care about some imaginary kids Trump is saving?

But not Blake's REAL kids...fuck them little fuckers...and I right? They deserved to see their dad shot down in the streets, because those kids had the audacity to be born black.

If you gave a goddamn about kids, you would understand that seeing one's parent subjected to that kind of cruelty and violence scars them for life, and you would have empathy and compassion for them, regardless of color.

But no.

You steadily lying about their dad had a knife. You just kicked those kids in their teeth.

This is sick, sick, sick, sick. Please try to understand how sick it is to do, just what you have done here. IT IS SICK. That is her point.

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