No not “or whatever” it’s that exactly. Almost all white people are racist and they don’t want to admit, act like you’ve called them a murderer if you even imply that they are racist (after they have done some blatantly racist thing like tell a joke using the term n@gger)…and I know this, cause well, I know white people. This statement right here “or whatever” is demonstrative of just how ferociously white people attempt to defend themselves from the darkness within themselves with regard to their complicity in racism. Deep down most people know that they are racist, and it’s a pretty simple basic thing really; it is not as shameful as being a rapist or a murderer, unless you choose to express your racism in that way.

So why are white people so touchy about their racism even to the point that they can’t even discuss it without making these kinds of diminishing, absolving disqualifiers “or whatever.” I am talking about racism, but I am really not talking about racism, it is beneath me. I can’t be bothered to really entertain a conversation about racism — is what the “or whatever” means in this context.

The extraordinary psychological defenses that white people construct so as not to have to deal with any real conversations about racism are fascinating. This is that white people who decide to have these conversations are masochists. Really? Really!!

Oh the mind-fucking is endless with regard to this particular paradigm…just endless rabbit holes, white rabbits are running down so as not to have to deal with the reality of racism and white supremacy in America.

Working with the Light!

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