No one inflicted any harm upon you, that’s all in your head. I consistently attack claims that there is no institutionalized racism in America, because it is such a blatant attack on reality and truth, it is along the lines of The Orwellian 2+2 =5 and for me this sort of desperate crazy-making and reality bending/tampering must be called out.

And, usually, it is customary to ask permission before republishing or repurposing someone’s written work, as well as to explain what one will be using the writing for, you did neither.

I believe that you are some extreme alt-right weirdo? (I’m not sure, and I am not going to cyberstalk you to find out cause I’m not creepy.) But anyway, I don’t care to have my work quoted by an extreme alt-right weirdo. Your audience, your musings, are not quite what I care to be associated with.

Working with the Light!

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