No one is lying about Trump. He is what and who he is. He’s real. No one can deny that. He has been in the public eye for a very long time — and no matter who you are, the media will play to that and also turn it against you.

Who he is is troublesome. Who she is, is too. If you put on blinders either way you are doing yourself a great disservice. Because Trump supporters are utterly and fanatically obsessed with Trump, they are, like the photographer pointed out, far more fascinating than anyone supporting Hillary Clinton. People have talked to them. They are regular everyday people like anyone else. This is a study, however, in how regular everyday people turn into Nazis — which is to say, people who will turn on their fellow citizens, harm them, lock them up, rape them, murder them, torture them, without much thought. This is how it starts.

Working with the Light!

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