No one said they were all equal, but, if you want a true historical timeline of what has occurred in the world, then you would understand that there have been several civilizations all over the world, and they all begin with innovation and creation, they all end with chaos and war.

All civilizations rise and fall with very predictable patterns. Western Civilization is in it’s fall now. It is well documented how and why. The signs are everywhere. What’s next? No one knows, but if history is any indication, we are moving to something different than has ever existed before. The current paradigm is unsustainable.

The early civilizations actually lasted for much longer than newer (European) civilizations. The Sumerian civilization (the first known human civilization ever recorded- now known as modern day Iran) began 4000 BC and ended 2000 BC. 2000 Years is a pretty good run for a civilization.

Next up Ancient Egypt was a civilization of ancient Northeastern Africa, concentrated along the lower reaches of the Nile River in what is now the modern country of Egypt. It began around 4000 BC and ended around 1000 BC. A lot of ups and downs, but you could give it a good 3000 years. Egypt is actually in Africa. A lot of people would like to rewrite history and act like the Egyptian Civilization was not in Africa. But sorry Egypt is clearly in Africa…and not only is Egypt in Africa- there are HUGE pyramids, that NO ONE in our modern world can really figure out or explain how they were even built.

No modern day technology can achieve what the Egyptians accomplished in 2575 BC with those pyramids. No one can even present a reasonable or logical explanation as to how those pyramids were even built. Some people say it was aliens. No matter what you ultimately believe- they are there, sitting in Egypt, still. It’s an incredible accomplishment that no later civilization has been able to even conceive of, let alone accomplish.

Let’s talk about Nubia. Nubia was home to some of Africa’s earliest kingdoms. Known for rich deposits of gold, Nubia was also the gateway through which luxury products like incense, ivory, and ebony traveled from their source in sub-Saharan Africa to the civilizations of Egypt and the Mediterranean. Archers of exceptional skill provided the military strength for Nubian rulers. Kings of Nubia ultimately conquered and ruled Egypt for about a century. Monuments still stand — in modern Egypt and Sudan — at the sites where Nubian rulers built cities, temples, and royal pyramids.

The Nubians developed powerful kingdoms. The first was centered at Kerma (2000–1650 BC). The later kingdom had capitals at Napata (800–270 BC) and Meroe (270 BC–370 AD). So taking all of this into account Nubians (Africans, undoubtedly) held down their civilization for about 1000 years.

Take Rome, by contrast: The Roman Empire began with the crowning of Gaius Octavian Thurinus in 31 B.C. and fell to the German Goths in A.D. 476, for a total of 507 years. That’s 1/4th the time the Sumerian Empire was in effect.

Historians will put the British Empire at 1600 AD, ending with WWII. That’s about 400 years.

Next up the American Empire — that kicked into high gear in 1950 and now we are about done. If you start at 1776 it would be generous to give us 250 years.

European based empires, learning from other Empires, do not seem to last as long and are not as stable or long-lasting as prior Empires out of Africa and the East. (I didn’t even touch on the Chinese and Japanese but they both had some pretty long lasting Empires, and a lot of cool stuff was created.)

Our records of human civilization only go back to Sumeria. That’s odd, considering that it looks like this civilization just sprang up out of nowhere. No one can really explain it. When you really start to look into what really comprises human history, you will find far more questions than answers.

I say all of that, to say this: there is a tremendous amount of white supremacists propaganda going around right now, about whites or Europeans being the only individuals to create civilizations or anything of value. This is just not true. There have been all kinds of civilizations, coming from all sorts of people, or different races, cultures, etc — all throughout human history.

If you want to set European civilizations apart from the others, it would be fair to say Europeans have been the only ones to create things that allow for movement all over the globe.: the boats, planes, trains and automobiles — but all that has done, really is allow for globalization — and right now globalization is undoing the very civilizations that Europeans so value…so it’s a bit of a double-edged sword, isn’t it? Europeans wanted to see the whole world and conquer everybody else in it…instead the whole world is conquering them…in a way.

These are completely new and unknown times. Never before in recorded human history have we lived through anything like this. (As far as we know). Never has the world been so connected and transparent — this is changing everything.

We cannot go back to the past, and we are marching on to a very weird future. While you’re stressing these Muslims, extremely intelligent robots that can do everything that humans have done, except much faster and efficiently, are being built to replace everyone. It is entirely reasonable to assume that the next up and coming civilization, won’t be a European one…it probably won’t even be a human one.

But I guess, you must deal with this through distractions…why not try Game of Thrones? It’s basically a fictionalized version of the European history you so cherish.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!