No sir, with all due respect, I think you are confused. Apparently, you have no idea what conservative think tanks actually do. (Where do you think the Willie Horton dog whistle propaganda was developed?!?!)

You sir, are conflating many different things, and your response doesn't seem to have anything to do with what I posted. (Rhetoric and propaganda being ridiculously manipulated by politicians or those paid to promote a certain political perspective. )

I always have honest conversations with myself. Empathy and intellectual humility? What do you even mean by that? I could take it as a sort of dog whistling for "know your place, don't dare speak up or out."

But I could be wrong...but it's not the first time I have encountered this particular rhetoric...and that seems to be the energy behind it.

What do you stand for, really? I know what I stand for. I stand for truth, and you will never find the truth in ANY political ideology, as it is all designed to manipulate the unthinking masses.

Well...people are waking up...thinking...

Scholarship is supposed to be about the pursuit of truth, but admittedly politics have infiltrated academia, for the purposes of manipulating people once again. That was my point.

The CRT scholars , (the real original scholars, bell hooks is the easiest starting point if you dare to acquaint yourself with any of them,) stand for truth, I believe.

However, as Al Gore (always an odd duck of a politician) pointed out, they are inconvenient truths that many politicians certainly do not want to face.

The extreme ones twist and turn and distort these truths in order to manipulate the masses. That is happening at insane levels about now, especially with regard to CRT.

Legions of ordinary and everyday people despise CRT scholarship even though they don't even know what it is really. I think they are responding the deeply unsettling, (disgusting and sickening really) truths it reveals. They just don't want to face them. America was built on slavery. It just was. The damage that institution has caused and is causing African-Americans TO THIS DAY, is undeniable.

But NO, says you or many like you.

This is a psychological defense mechanism. This is not the truth.

The truth is the truth. It will always be the truth. I think students at all universities deserve to know the truth , and certainly about the kind of society they are inhabiting; and especially if it is a society that has been designed to harm them for profit.

Almost all American minorities, are semi-conscious of these truths. White Americans less so, but this is the truth for all but a very small minority of Americans. It always has been.

If you don't want to know the truth, certainly that's your choice, but do you really think you have the right to keep the truth away from others? Do you even think you can? People live their truths. Oppositionists to CRT attempt to tell others that WHAT THEY LIVE is not the truth.

And yet these truths have been meticulously documented and fill libraries (like the Library of Congress.) Are you suggesting that students be prevented from knowing what is actually contained in that library? Would you even go as far as to say the library needs to be burned down because of the truths contained therein? (Facism)

Perhaps utilize that "intellectual humility" you seem to be so fond of (for me) and read this piece I wrote about political outrage about CRT is actually, waking people up to the truth.

This piece is not so much about race, but rather capitalism, economics, and all of the propaganda that is used to keep highly, highly corrupt profits over people (especially non-white people) practices in place.

100 million dollar lobbyists pay for what? The legitimization of a deadly American opioid crisis that hit rural white America HARD. But I guess you don't want your children educated about this either. It ties into CRT, which must be oppressed, at all costs, right?

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!